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Chile Chapter’s Spanish Rice

Chile Chapter’s Spanish Rice ¼ cup olive oil ½ chopped onion 2 cups Uncle Ben’s converted long grain rice 2 teaspoons seasoning salt ¾ teaspoons each of white pepper and garlic salt ¼ cup Lipton Onion Soup Base ½ of 28 oz. tin diced tomatoes ¼ cup chile purée 3 cups water ½ bunch celery,…
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Steak Ranchero

The best Steak Ranchero you will ever have! For the quickest New Mexican meal ever, slightly undercook your steak, pour heated red chile sauce over and top with grated cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Place in a 350° oven until cheese melts. This was a popular item on our first menu at Roche Lake Lodge…
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Red Chile Sauce

Method for making Red Chile Sauce from Mickey’s Chile Purée Make a roux using 1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp of brown rice flour and 1/3 cup of butter* Lightly cook roux (2 to 3 minutes), stirring all the while Add 1 1/2 L of cold water, stirring constantly to blend Add 1/2 L thawed Chile…
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How to Make Taco Burgers

For ½ dozen Taco Burgers you will need: 6 corn tortillas 2 tablespoons butter 12 ounces hamburger meat, divided into 2 ounce portions 6 ounces Colby and Monterey Jack cheese ¾ cup Chile Chapter red chile sauce 1 ½ cups sliced romaine lettuce 1 tomato, diced Small onion, diced Set oven to 325 ° 1.  …
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